Money Back Returns

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority, reason why we make complete refund when customers prove they are not satisfied. Our 24/7 customer support is competent enough always standby to answer all questions and guide clients during their entire buying process.

Quality Products

Our bills are not made of paper or plastic rather they are made polymer in nature and can not be detected by observation , touch , Scanned e.t.c and also made identical and uniform to the official and Original bank notes and contian special security features , Holograms and Security threads 

World-Wide Delivery

Your identity remains 100% confidential with us and no 3rd party will ever know about it. With you sure to be secured Basically after production we do access samples test before Notes are stock up for sales and distribution . Such test include ; – MARKER TEST = PASSED – SCAN TEST = PASSED – ATM TEST = PASSED

Why Choose Us

 The is committed to ensuring that your privacy and security is protected at all times, in fact, we care so much that we offer guaranteed stealth delivery to anywhere in the world at no extra cost! All orders are fully guaranteed, so whatever happens, nothing will ever stand between you and your Counterfeit money!